Georgia Saw Most Frozen-Pipe Claims in 2022-2023, State Farm Says

Georgia was, by far, the state with the most frozen pipe and water damage claims, State Farm Insurance reported as much of the country faces the first deep freeze for winter 2024.

The insurer said in an article on its website that it had paid out more than $806 million nationwide on frozen pipe and water damage claims, from August 2022 to August 2023. The average claim was for $25,000.

Georgia led the way with about $100 million in claim costs, followed by Illinois, with $78 million; Tennessee, with $62 million; Texas, with $58 million; and New York, with $45 million.

“Due to the annual variability of wild to mild weather patterns, frozen pipe and ice-dam losses can vary each year,” the company noted. “When weather patterns drastically fluctuate and impact areas that are not used to sudden temperature drops, the result can be catastrophic.”

State Farm recommended that insureds insulate their exposed pipes or add heat tape; shut off the water supply to outdoor connections, and take other measures to prevent burst pipes.


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