Opposition to Medicaid Expansion Thaws in an Unexpected Place: The Deep South

For more than a decade, some Southern states have resisted Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, even though data suggest it could help their residents. Today, the large majority of uninsured Americans who would gain coverage under Medicaid expansion — and who would benefit from affordable access to care — live in non-expansion states … Read more

Homeowners Insurers’ Results to Improve In 2024

U.S. homeowners’ insurance is in position to improve in 2024, according Fitch Ratings. The rating agency said premium revenue growth, tied to recent substantial price increases and more diligent underwriting to manage risk concentrations and aggregations, points to improvement in 2024 underlying segment results. “However, carriers may continue to struggle to generate underwriting gains depending … Read more

Podcast: A Conversation with Cody Garret About Financial Education

 In episode 76 of the NewRetirement Podcast, Steve Chen talks with Cody Garrett, a dedicated advice-only financial planner and educator. Cody shares his journey from being a musician to becoming a financial planner and educator. He discusses his passion for empowering DIY investors and his focus on building comprehensive financial plans and providing personalized education. … Read more

Texas Jury Finds LSD did not Cause Spinal Injury, Requires Occidental to Pay HO Limits

When does a hallucinogenic drug become the direct cause of a catastrophic injury, triggering a homeowners’ policy exclusion? Not when a young man falls out of bed and is later moved by his comrades, potentially worsening a spinal injury, a Houston federal jury decided Tuesday. The verdict requires Occidental Fire & Casualty Co. of North … Read more

Understanding How Concepts of Time Impact Your Financial Plans

In the realm of financial planning, numbers and calculations often take center stage, overshadowing the profound influence of time on our decisions. However, thinking about different definitions of time can provide invaluable insights that shape our financial strategies and life choices. Let’s delve deeper into some concepts of time and explore how they can guide … Read more

Who Benefits From The Layoffs?

2024 is shaping up to be another tough year for workers in the United States. Last year, tech companies laid off thousands of workers. This year, the layoffs are spreading to other sectors. UPS, Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Mattel, American Airlines, and many other companies announced layoffs recently. Managements are anticipating a pullback in consumer … Read more

32 Mostly Unbreakable Rules of Personal Finance

In the often confusing landscape of personal finance, navigating the many decisions and choices can feel overwhelming. Yet, amidst the complexity, there exist a few steadfast principles — rules of personal finance that serve as guiding lights through the ever-changing currents of economic uncertainty.  Below are 32 mostly unbreakable rules of personal finance, a comprehensive … Read more