Podcast: A Conversation with Cody Garret About Financial Education

 In episode 76 of the NewRetirement Podcast, Steve Chen talks with Cody Garrett, a dedicated advice-only financial planner and educator. Cody shares his journey from being a musician to becoming a financial planner and educator. He discusses his passion for empowering DIY investors and his focus on building comprehensive financial plans and providing personalized education. … Read more

Understanding How Concepts of Time Impact Your Financial Plans

In the realm of financial planning, numbers and calculations often take center stage, overshadowing the profound influence of time on our decisions. However, thinking about different definitions of time can provide invaluable insights that shape our financial strategies and life choices. Let’s delve deeper into some concepts of time and explore how they can guide … Read more

Who Benefits From The Layoffs?

2024 is shaping up to be another tough year for workers in the United States. Last year, tech companies laid off thousands of workers. This year, the layoffs are spreading to other sectors. UPS, Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Mattel, American Airlines, and many other companies announced layoffs recently. Managements are anticipating a pullback in consumer … Read more

32 Mostly Unbreakable Rules of Personal Finance

In the often confusing landscape of personal finance, navigating the many decisions and choices can feel overwhelming. Yet, amidst the complexity, there exist a few steadfast principles — rules of personal finance that serve as guiding lights through the ever-changing currents of economic uncertainty.  Below are 32 mostly unbreakable rules of personal finance, a comprehensive … Read more

New Features: More Accurate Ways to Model Your Paycheck Deductions and Employer Contributions to Savings

Retirement savings are the foundation of a secure future.  And, employers offer many different benefits to employees who save.  Until now, paycheck contributions and paycheck deductions were difficult to model in the NewRetirement Planner.  But, we have significantly enhanced these features and you can now more accurately model your savings. Go to NewRetirement Planner > … Read more

The No Regret Retirement

Retirement is a big deal. It is a major life transition and just like you didn’t want to choose the wrong college, marry the wrong partner, take the wrong job, or buy a house in the wrong location, you want a retirement without regret! Here are a few tips to make sure you are happy … Read more

Can Anyone Ever Retire Early Anymore?

At what age are you going to retire? It is a big question. And, no answer is going to be right for everyone. In fact, data on the average retirement age suggests that there is no real average. What is the Average Retirement Age? Figuring out the average retirement age is tricky. Different data points … Read more

The Cost of Raising A Child

Will kids ruin your plan to FIRE? (Financial Independence Retire Early) Kids can be expensive, but don’t let that stop you. They might change your plan a bit, but FIRE won’t be out of reach. You just have to adapt your plan to include them. Many parents are inspired to work harder than ever after … Read more